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My Coaching Phillosophy

Qualified. Certified. Supportive.

I am a fully qualified PGA Golf Professional who specialises in golf coaching and custom fitting.
I pride myself on providing effective solutions and support for every golfer at any level. My philosophy is not to give players a new golf swing but to refine and improve their own. In my eyes there's no such thing as textbook. You needn't look further than the PGA Tour to find there are an infinite number of ways to produce excellence.

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Swing Session

Improve your golf swing mechanics to enhance performance and consistency.

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Putting Analysis

Get an in depth look at the most crucial area of your game either in our indoor slope adjustable putting studio or on our USGA spec putting green.

Book A Capto Putting Session
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TrackMan Level 2 Certified Coach

Used by the best in the world, TrackMan gives you the most accurate analysis possible.

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Capto Level 2 Certified Coach

I offer a 60 minute Capto putting lesson either in our indoor slope adjustable putting studio or on our outdoor USGA spec putting green

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SuperSpeed Golf

Increase club head speed and your distance by using the tour proven SuperSpeed Golf equipment during a coaching session.

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